Sip to Live was inspired by the Moroccan tradition of tea, which I first experienced in the year 2000 as a student abroad.  After drinking tea in Morocco, I became forever thirsty for more. The flavors I tasted there inspired me to learn how to make tea.  At the time I was ignorant about the health benefits of herbs.  
Marrakech, Morocco- the night I fell in love with tea forever.

When I returned home to the U.S. I could find nothing like what I had in Morocco, and I had to make do with inferior tea.  In 2006, while working in support of the NASA Hubble Space Telescope I began to explore inner space.   Around that time I took up the study of yoga and learned about its sister science Ayurveda, which deals with the energetics of diet, life, and environment. 

 Ayurveda is a holistic health science that originated in ancient India.  It has a highly developed understanding of the energetics of foods, herbs, and human being.  One by one I began to learn about the energetics and health benefits of herbs, and through that study as well as reading books such as the Yoga of Herbs I came to better understand how to work with herbs.  Ayurvedic herbal blends are often complex combinations of herbs that taste good and have multiple health benefits.  Sip to Live blends are based in Ayurvedic understanding, and the blends are like songs- each herb is an instrument, and when the right ones play together they make great music for people to enjoy.   

 Every day I brought a 2-liter thermos of tea with me to work, and eventually I started selling tea to my coworkers directly and through a farmer’s market at the NASA center where I worked.  In time I left NASA to pursue right livelihood by helping people raise their vibrations through my blends.  Reports surfaced of people  “borrowing” tea from their friends and drinking Sip to Live from bowls. When I returned to the West Coast, I became a certified yoga instructor and practiced with young people in schools, juvenile halls, homeless shelters, the California Youth Authority, San Quentin State Prison, and studios throughout the Bay area. 

In 2018, my tea selling and yoga teaching came to a halt when I survived a car accident that left me severely burned and unable to walk.  Through a mixture of modalities, I regained my strength and returned to my passion: sharing tea with fellow yoga enthusiasts, tea lovers, and people who are interested in the health benefits of herbs.  I hope you enjoy the blends as much as I do!
Gibran McDonald