About Our Blends

Every Sip to Live blend comes from a meditative space.  Our blends support the processes of prana (breath) and apana (digestion), which are essential to good health and beneficial to the practice of yoga.  The blends are balanced, complex, aromatic, and full of flavor. We source our herbs from Mountain Rose and Lhasa Karnak, reputable suppliers of high-quality, organic herbs.  
You may have heard the phrase “make your food your medicine.”  Through knowledge of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, one can understand the energetics between an individual and their diet, lifestyle, and environment.  
By understanding your individual constitution, or the relative proportions of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) within you, you can make choices about diet, lifestyle, and environment that keep you closer to balance. 
Just as people have individual elemental constitutions so does everything else, including herbs.  Some herbs, such as pepper or cinnamon, are known to have more fire than others.  On the opposite side peppermint is known to be cooling in nature.  The logic is that if you are in cold weather you wear a jacket, right?  Herbs can be thought of as clothing for your inner skin- your gastrointestinal tract.  If you feel cold, cinnamon or ginger would be good herbs for you because they are warming in nature.  If you feel hot cooling herbs like chammomile or spearmint might be better choices.   
Lao Tzu said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep.  If you want to empower yourself to use food as medicine you can begin by googling the therapeutic properties of a single herb.  Taste it, feel it, meditate with it.  You may be amazed to find that common herbs have medicinal effects.  Cinnamon, for example, stimulates circulation and digestion, and it is warming in nature.  Rosemary directs blood flow to the brain, which is why it is sometimes used for memory, headaches and depression.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties and contains anti-oxidants. We use the herbs mentioned above and many others to help people cultivate inner balance. 
By incorporating herbs into your diet you cultivate the energies they have collected from Earth and the Cosmos within yourself.  Ayurvedic blends use combinations of herbs synergistically so that the whole effect of the blend is greater than the sum of all parts.  Sip to Live blends are based in that science. 
Each blend combines high-quality, organic herbs in ways that are pleasant to the taste buds and beneficial to the body.  With each sip take a moment to experience what you are tasting, and meditate on the effects of the herbs, following their energy as it radiates through the body. Exhale, release, and repeat!